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Trick or Treat letter 2016 (AO3 username: Wayfarers)

Hello, writer!

Thank you for offering one of these awesome fandoms! I'm excited to read what you come up with. These prompts are all just suggestions, so if you have your own idea, absolutely go for it!

General Trick Likes - Angst, corruption, blood, gore, villains being villains and doing terrible things, pretty much every horror trope there is, psychological horror, supernatural happenings.

General Treat Likes - Shipping, smut, humor, found families, being pulled out of a dark mental state, anything supernatural/spooky with a more humorous tone.

Do Not Wants - Genderswap/Rule 63 fic. D/s. Pregnancy. A/B/O. Scat or watersports. Mundane AUs (meaning, things like high school AU or coffee shop AU. I'm fine with both canon-divergent "What If" AUs and fantastical AUs like medieval, sci-fi, and monster AUs!). Other than that, anything goes.

American Horror Story: Hotel- Trick/Treat - Tristan Duffy, Liz Taylor
I love these two so much. They're both very different people, but they accept and love each other 100%. Liz Taylor was, for me, the heart of the season, and I love how she brought the whole hotel together in the end. Tristan started off as a typical bad boy/jerk, but in the end he was a total sweetheart (well, by AHS standards, anyways). The only thing I ask for this fandom is that, if you set your fic after Tristan and Liz get together, you don't break them up. You don't have to write shipfic or mention the ship at all, but please don't explicitly break them up.

Prompt Ideas:
  • More backstory for either of them! Tristan in particular had very little backstory given other than that he's an orphan, and there's a thirty year gap between the Liz backstory we see and the modern-day Liz Taylor.

  • Liz has lived in a murder hotel for a few decades. Was she ever afraid? Did she have a close brush with death? Or did the resident ghosts know well enough not to mess with one of the Countess's favorites?

  • I loved all of the relationships Liz formed with the ghosts of the hotel, and would love to see more of that.

  • Tristan's budding serial killer plot was kind of dropped, but I was quite fond of it. Any further exploration of the whole "dark heart" business/his new vampiric nature (especially anything involving blood drinking)/etc would be great. (As a sidenote, I also ship Tristan/James Patrick March, but would prefer it to be set before he meets Liz if you write them as a pairing).

  • What did Tristan do in the years between his death and Liz's death?

  • Post-canon fic! They spent so long apart, they must have a lot to catch up on.

  • Anything shippy/smutty at all. Dirty PWP? Great! Soulmate AU? Awesome! Romantic blood drinking? Yes! Fluffy ghost cuddles? I'm there!

American Horror Story: Freak Show - Trick - Dandy Mott
I LOVE DANDY. He was the absolute highlight of the season for me, and is now one of my favorite characters of all time. Any fic featuring him will make me happy, honestly. He's such a brat and I love it. And, uh, the whole blood-bathing thing is definitely right up my alley (anything with blood in general is great).

Prompt Ideas:
  • Any pre-show scenes, especially with Gloria or Dora. Dandy's obviously been Not Right for a very long time and I'd love to see more of that.

  • I'd love to know what would have happened if Dandy would have survived the finale, or if Gloria would have reluctantly chosen to support him instead of trying to kill him.

  • AU wise, I am in love with vampire AUs (AHS Hotel style or otherwise) for Dandy.

  • Anything involving the blood bathing at all, kinky or not! I absolutely adore the weird Elizabeth Bathory thing he has going on.

  • More of full-fledged serial killer Dandy would be awesome, too. I just want to see him being a bratty awful villain and I'll be happy.

  • What if Dandy had lasted longer with the freak show?

  • Ship-wise, I'm good with pretty much anything. Bette and Dot, Jimmy, even Gloria if you want to go there...And I'll be honest, I was hoping he'd go a little further with Andy, even if the end result was the same. Solo kinky stuff/masturbation is great too, especially if sexual sadism/bloodplay is involved.

Original Work - Trick/Treat - Male With Sexually Transmitted Monsterism
Props to whoever submitted this idea because I adore it. This is going to be a totally original work, so I can't really ramble about what I love about the canon, but feel free to get creative with the setting here. I especially love 70s and 80s settings, but I think there are a lot of settings that could be really neat (including modern day!). Either m/m or m/f is fine if you want to go into details about the relationship that led to the monsterism.

Prompt Ideas:
  • Any monster type works here! I love vampires and werewolves, but I also love some more uncommon choices (Minotaur? Dragon? Mermaid? Kelpie? Demon?) and downright strange ones (Lovecraftian terror? An unexpected were-animal like a sheep or a crab?). Surprise me! Anything you think up will work here.

  • Dealing with unwanted hunger/thirst (if that monster type preys on humans).

  • When does he first realize exactly what's going on? Does he know about contagious monsterism, or is it hidden from the non-monster population?

  • Mentorship! Something where the original "carrier" of the monsterism ends up taking him under their wing. Is he grateful for the help, or still grumpy about the whole situation?

  • What if he reluctantly starts to find that he actually enjoys being a monster?

  • What if monsterism expressed itself differently from person to person? What if someone could get it on with a sexy vampire, only to find themselves turning into a goblin? Once infected, it was a roll of the die whether you'd be something that could function in human society, something that would have to hide, or maybe something mindless and beast-like entirely.

  • I'd be interested in seeing some consensual turning, too. Maybe he's allured by potential strength, magic, or immortality. Maybe he just has a 'thing' for monsters and would like to be one.

The Nice Guys - Trick/Treat - Any (John Boy, Holland March, Holly March, Jackson Healy)
I loved absolutely everything about this movie. The setting, the action, the humor, the characters. Seriously, this entire movie hit on so many of my likes that I had to see it more than once in theaters! I nominated a bunch of characters and would love fic that explored any of them. For this canon, I'd prefer no AUs that would take them out of the 70s setting.

Prompt Ideas:
  • I definitely ship March/Healy if that's up your alley, too. Especially if they continue to have somewhat of a rivalry with plenty of banter. If you go the shippy route, I love family time with Holly, too.

  • I love the way that Holly inspires Healy to be less cynical and a bit more merciful. They have a lot of nice bonding moments in the film, and I'd love to see more of those.

  • What if Holly went out and tried to solve a case on her own? It could be something small, like someone who keeps swiping things from lockers at her school, or a genuinely big case.

  • Who is John Boy, anyways? I was really interested in his character. Despite being fairly young, he'd already established himself as a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who can make a name like John Boy sound menacing must really be something. Anything about his backstory, previous jobs, and the like would be awesome.

  • What future cases do March and Healy work on? Or, what past jobs have they had alone?

  • John Boy was a pretty dangerous guy - and he's still alive. Is he plotting his revenge from prison? Does he have connections that allow him a chance at escape?

  • Anything post-canon, following any or all of these characters.

Stranger Things - Trick - Demogorgon
Yet another canon I liked pretty much everything about (and that also tickled my setting fancy, although for this character in particular you aren't bound to the 80s time period, or even to Earth). I want to know more about the Demogorgon. I only requested the Demogorgon as a character, but appearances from any of the characters who would've interacted with it (Will, Barb, Eleven, that poor government sap that went into the upside-down, etc) or any original characters are absolutely welcome.

Prompt Ideas:
  • The Demogorgon is attracted to blood - what did it feed on before Eleven made contact? Was it on an alien planet? Or was it on Earth all along, causing mysterious disappearances but unknown until Eleven discovered it?

  • How old is the Demogorgon? It could potentially be centuries old or even ancient. Who did it take before it took Will? Did it inspire any myths, urban legends, or cautionary tales in a previous society it menaced?

  • Humans don't do too well in the upside-down. Can the Demogorgon survive long-term in the regular world, or will there be negative effects on it?

  • The upside-down itself is just as much of a "monster" as the actual Demogorgon to me. A dark, cold, almost apocalyptic landscape with bleak-looking versions of all the places you know and love. I'd love anything exploring the setting of the upside-down (this prompt can be focused primarily on/from the perspective of one of the human characters if you like).

  • What exactly is it doing to the humans it takes to the upside-down when it catches them?

  • Is the upside-down the Demogorgon's own little dimension, or does it share that world with other creatures?

  • Anything exploring the original contact between the Demogorgon and Eleven.